For Sale

Kingston moving is searched over 800 times per month with a CPC of $4.75. This name can be used as your main domain name for lead generation, as a landing page, with a 301 redirect, or as a kick ass email like [email protected] The the average cost of moving is from $1400 to $5700according  to Forbs it would not take many leads to pay for this name.
How it works

All names are registered at Godaddy. The Buy Now button will take you to They are a broker that will guide you through the transfer and payment process. I pay a commission to Dan. The Buy Now is the total price. Some names may be listed at other marketplaces. The names will be removed from any marketplaces that I have listed. Domains are one of a Kind.  A discount is possible with a private sale. Email me with any questions at any time