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Local Business SEO

BE a Local Authority

A geo domain will give you local authority. Close to %50 percent of google search is local. A name such as explains exactly what you do and where it’s done.  A name like CrestonRealty .ca  suggests this company has been in business for 20 years or more.  Geo domains are essentially keywords used by searchers looking for specific products & companies near them; if I am trying to hire a roofing Company in Sarnia a logical search would be and a certain amount of people will automatically add the. com or .ca leading to direct type-ins that bypass the search engines. Some will do this to skip the ads and make sure they are going to a local Company. Google’s goal is to help the searcher find what they are looking for, with a geo domain it is easy for both Google and the searcher to know exactly what you do and where you do it, this should make it easier to rank faster.

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A name like will make it appear as though you have been in business for years. It can help you rank quicker in Google. A Geo Domain will almost always get a certain amount of type-in traffic Someone who is looking for a roofer in Sarnia may just bypass all the advertisements and just type into the address bar

It can also add credibility to your email one is far more likely to trust an address of to



Why a Geo Domain

  • A Geo Domain gives your Company Instant Credibility.
  • A Geo Domain will give the impression that you have been in business for years.
  • Prevent your Competition from getting it.  
  • Be thought of as The Local Authority for your Service in your area.
  • A Geographic Domain is easy to Remember.
  • You may get direct type-in traffic to the URl.
  • You will get targeted traffic with intent.
  • A Geo name may be easier to get ranked in search engines.
  • A geo domain can be redirected to your current website.
  • It can be set up as a lead generation site with a CTA to a page or service
  • 43% of searches on Google have Local Intent.
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Beat the Competion

You already have a brandable Domain that is ranking high because of your Hard-earned SEO work. Your Competition may be able to outrank you with less work and the right name. It may make good business sense to buy a geodomain for your city service even if you do nothing with it other than forward itwith a 301 redirect to your branded site After the name is purchased renewal costs are only $20 per year.