Geo Domains

A Geo Service Domain will make you an authority for the service you provide in your city or town

What is a Geo Domain

  • A Geo Domain is a domain that has the city and the service in the URL such as
  • A Geo Domain will give the impression that you have been in business for years.
  • Prevent your Competition from getting it.  
  • Be thought of as The Local Authority for your Service in your area.
  • A Geographic Domain is easy to Remember.
  • You may get direct type-in traffic to the URl.
  • You will get targeted traffic with intent.
  • An exact match domain may be easier to get ranked in search engines.
  • A geo domain can be redirected to your current website.
  • It can be set up as a lead generation site with a CTA to a page or service
  • 43% of searches on Google have Local Intent.

City Service

Simply  said a Geo Domain also referred to as Geo Service Domain or City Service Domain is a domain or URL that contains the city plus the service in the domain. An example of this is This domain contains Burnaby, a city on the west coast of Canada and dentist. A domain name like this will get direct Type-in Traffic to wherever the domain is pointed to such as a website Facebook page or a landing page. This is easily done, help can be provided. Type-in-traffic bypasses ads and the snack pack. It is also believed that if your domain and your title match, it will be easier to rank for that search term. Again someone searches Burnaby dentist, a natural search for someone looking for a dentist in Burnaby and you have the domain and the name of your site is Burnaby dentist it makes it a natural for Google to understand what you do and where you do it. Googles goal is to help searchers find what they are looking for. A GeoDomain makes this easy.

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How it Works

All domains are owned by this site and are registered at Godaddy. They are for sale at major domain marketplaces such as Godaddy and and can be purchased at any time directly from the the domain retailer of your choice. Some domains will have websites to help with indexing and or lead generation but all are available with a Buy Now price. Rental of domains and lead generation services available.

Security and Payment

We have partnered With as our broker because of their lower commission  rates and impeccable security . They will  facilitate the payment and transfer of all domains. All domains are Registered at Godaddy and are available for purchase at various domain marketplaces including Dan Godaddy Afternic Sedo and more. The prices may be different to reflect differences in commission rates. 

This website will not ask for payment information.

Local SEO

A geo domain will give you local authority. Close to %50 percent of google search is local. A name such as explains exactly what you do and where it’s done.  A name like CrestonRealty .ca  suggests this company has been in business for 20 years or more.  Geo domains are essentially keywords used by searchers looking for specific products & companies near them; if I am trying to hire a roofing Company in Sarnia a logical search would be and a certain amount of people will automatically add the. com or .ca leading to direct type-ins that bypass the search engines. Some will do this to skip the ads and make sure they are going to a local Company. Google’s goal is to help the searcher find what they are looking for, with a geo domain it is easy for both Google and the searcher to know exactly what you do and where you do it, this should make it easier to rank faster.

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Service Business Trust

A name like will make it appear as though you have been in business for years. It can help you rank quicker in Google. A Geo Domain will almost always get a certain amount of type-in traffic Someone who is looking for a roofer in Sarnia may just bypass all the advertisements and just type into the address bar

It can also add credibility to your email one is far more likely to trust an address of [email protected] to [email protected]




Competition in Business

You already have a branded domain that is ranking because of your hard-earned SEO work. Your competition may be able to outrank you with the right name and less SEO work. It can make good business sense to purchase a geo domain and either set it up as a 301 redirect to take advantage of the type-in traffic or set it up as a Lead Generation site. With the cost of renewals being less than $20 it may be wise to prevent your competition from getting it. 

Transfer domain owners in Godaddy

This video  explains the transfer process of  domain ownership between Godaddy accounts.  This is also referred to as a domain push, Video from Alvin Brown at